Westland Free Methodist Church
Football Sunday (2-1-19)
Join us this weekend for Football Sunday! In our morning service we'll hear stories from players like Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, and many others who are playing in the Big Game. We'll be wearing our favorite sports team gear (high school, college, or pro; whatever you've got) to make it an extra fun day. We also have received permission to stream the content online during the service only, (it will have to be taken down afterwards because of copyrights), so we'd love to have you drop in online if you can't make it out!
Then Sunday evening the meal will start around 6pm and the game at 6:30. The game will be on 4 or 5 screens, we'll have a bounce house for 2nd grade and under, the youth room will be open for teens, and we'll have some Madden action going on Xbox. There will also be board and card games to play and lots of food. We could still use a couple people to bring chili. Sign up by clicking here if you're able to help out. You are also welcome to bring some sort of other side or dish too if possible. It's going to be a great time for those who love football and those who just want to hang out!  

When Life Gives You Lemons (1-17-19)
In 1915 the idea started circulating that when given a lemon by life, optimists would not sulk or complain, but choose to make lemonade instead. Therefore, they could create something desirable out of a situation that could instead bring difficulty and give us a sour attitude.
Here are a few newer versions that have apparently become somewhat popular:
“When life gives you lemons, chunk it right back.”
“When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.”
“When life gives you lemons, give them to me, I love free stuff!”
“When life give you lemons, eat them, they are good for you – life knows best.”

Whenever we receive lemons, we have a decision to make, a path to choose. We can take the grumpy, bitter, woe is me path…Or we can remain hopeful & believe that better days will come our way!
We’re going to spend several weeks working together towards the second path by examining the life of Joseph, found beginning in Genesis Chapter 37. Joseph is one of the best examples we have in Scripture, of someone making the best out of life, despite some incredible difficulties. Throughout his story, we’ll find that God can turn around even the most difficult situations for His good. Hope you'll join us for an extra dose of hope in the new year!
LOOKING BACK: We had a great finish to the year!
  • Many joined us for our open house at the Rose home. It was a lot of fun spending the afternoon with everyone.
  • We had our highest attendance in several years for our pre-Christmas service and well over 200 at our Christmas Eve service. We heard so much positive feedback on our family 5s service (the 12 days song was a highlight for many), our hot chocolate bar, the photo area, and more.
  • Together with our preschool families, we purchased between $600-$700 of goods to help provide income for Christian families in third world settings through SEED.
  • We gave over $1000 dollars to put in a central kitchen to serve families in the city of Detroit. Renovations have begun and many of the items have been ordered!
COMING UP: In addition to our new series, there is so much happening! The first steps on our bathroom renovations will start soon when we tear out the existing tile floor and begin to prep the areas. Opportunities will be advertised soon to serve at Schweitzer Elementary.
Pizza and Trivia is this Sunday, 1/20, after worship. Typically we have around 100 people competing and eating. It’s always a great time and an opportunity to get a glimpse into this semester’s growth group lineup.
Winter break is done and Growth Groups are starting back up! We have all kinds of options available. We have groups that are focused around topics, groups of people who just get together, and groups who try to get in shape or share an interest in crafts. There really is something for everyone! You can find out more by visiting our website or going directly to: groups.livesarechanging.com. There you’ll also find info on our Partnership groups. Lifecare has exercise groups that meet on Mondays and other groups that meet around a variety of topics on Tuesdays.
Football Sunday is back. Sunday 2/3 during worship we’ll be hearing from current NFL players via simulcast like Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, and many who will be playing in the Super Bowl. We encourage everyone to make it a laid back day by wearing your favorite high school, college, or pro sports gear to our worship service. That evening we’ll start dinner at 6pm featuring our annual Chili Cookoff. You can signup online to participate. The winner will be announced at halftime. The Big Game will start at 6:30 and will be shown throughout the facility. We’ll also have board games and more going for people who would like to just come and focus on the social aspect.
Faith and Family Day is happening Saturday 2/2 at Little Caesars arena, as the Pistons take on the Clippers. We’ll leave meet at the church around 3:30. Tickets are $20, Anchor students are covered. There will be a special gift and we’ll get to meet a couple players after the game, along with a few other perks! Please let Pastor Tyson know by Monday 1/21 if you’d like to go, as we have to give the Pistons a general count.
Anchor (Student Ministries) runs Thursday nights from 7 - 8:30pm (doors open at 6:30). Anchor is heading to Winter Jam on Sunday 2/17 at 5pm. We’ll meet at the church around 3:30 and return by 10pm. Cost is $15 plus food. The concert features Mandisa, Hollyn, Danny Gokey, Ledger, Rend Collective, Newsboys United,
and more!

Each week offers opportunities to pursue Jesus in community. We pray that God takes you deeper in your walk with Him and His people in 2019!  

Follow the Star (12-1-18)
The word “Advent” is derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming.”
Since the first people sinned, people have been waiting for the promised Messiah. Isaiah told us that His first coming would be as a child: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (9:6, NIV)
Those words lingered for around 700 years. Then one night, a star appeared in the sky. This star signified the arrival of the King of Kings! The angels told the shepherds of His arrival. Elsewhere the wisemen asked: “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” (Matt. 2:2, NIV)
Jesus was born just as Isaiah foretold, died as Isaiah and other’s predicted, and then rose on the third day just as He said He would! Forty days later, He ascended to Heaven and angels once again spoke to people about Jesus, but this time about a second Advent: “this same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:9–11, NIV)
As we begin celebrating the very first Advent of our Lord this Christmas season, let us also look to His second Advent with great anticipation. The God who keeps His promises will indeed send Jesus back to conquer the devil, death, sin, pain, and remove our tears for eternity. What a great day that will be! As we continue to wait, we pray God fills your hearts and lives with hope, love, joy, and peace as we celebrate together each week.
LOOKING BACK: What a fall so far! Sunday mornings and growth groups are both rocking with record involvement. In addition, our services have been reaching 150-200 people a week online with the good news! We had an awesome Sunday on 11/25 with a baptism and testimonies. The fun continued with great food, fun games, and wonderful fellowship after worship. Congrats to Bill and Don on winning the cornhole tournament of champions. Thanks to everyone who helped make that day special!
Thanks for your incredible generosity towards our Harvest Offering! The total given so far is over $10,000! Ten percent, or over $1000 of that, will go to help the Harbor get a kitchen going in downtown Detroit for dinner church. We still have $3-4K left from last years offering too. We’ll put together a plan, and begin working on the bathrooms in Jan/Feb, after our volunteer team gets through with all the business of the holidays.
We also announced our new adoption of Schweitzer Elementary. Principle Brickey and Maria Mitter (director of Community Engagement) were at WFMC to celebrate with us on Sunday 12/2. You’ll see more about opportunities like: reading programs, lunchtime help, and much more very soon.
We also detailed the new ministry initiatives at Biggby and Jefferson Barnes. Please be in prayer over all this as we try to spread the love of God to those around us in new ways in 2019. 
COMING UP: Sunday mornings are rocking with the sounds of the season. Here’s a glimpse of other events that are upcoming:
12/2 - Adore Him Series Kicks Off
12/9 - SEED is at WFMC; Pastor’s Open House from 3-5pm at the Rose’s Home (All welcome)
12/16 (1pm) & 12/22 (10am) - Christmas Eve Choir Practice for 23rd & 24th; 1-1.5 hrs. (All welcome)
12/16 - Society Meeting after worship hitting on positive momentum & 2019 budget
12/23 - The last Sunday in Advent; a fun worship service for the entire family!
12/24 - Our impactful and traditional Christmas Eve service
Each service will feature Advent readings, Christmas music, and more. You also may run into one of our parking lot greeters. This is something new that Pastor Eric and the Welcome Team are giving a trial run. On Christmas Eve the front of the church will be lit with luminaries in memory of loved ones who have gone before us. You can sign up for one in our lobby on Sunday or throughout the week. As you arrive at church over the next month you’ll see it decorated for Christmas. Thanks to Joyce Balcom and many more for helping us get in the spirit of the season. You can find more details on everything Christmas at: Christmas.livesarechanging.com.
Anchor (Student Ministries) runs Thursday nights from 7 - 8:30pm (doors open at 6:30). Congrats to Malcolm McGlothian who was our Fortnite tournament champ. Anchor Christmas party will be on the 20th and Anchor will then be on break until January 10th.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

Thousands of years ago people were drawn to a star, a star which pointed the way to the promised Messiah, the King of Kings. Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. It's a time where we build the anticipation week by week until we get to Christmas morning. Each Sunday will feature a special reading, Christmas music, our new series "The Star" upstairs and with the kids, and more. Together we'll explore God's gifts to us such as: Hope, Love, Joy, & Peace. We also had an amazing team decorate today to help get us in the spirit of Christmas. Tis the season, and Jesus is the reason. Hope to see you at 10:30 at WFMC or online as we kick off Advent together! 
We also had a great update from the Sheppards. Heather's surgery went very well. They removed all the cancer and the lymph nodes were clear! Please pray for Heather as she recovers. We are hoping to provide a weeks worth of meals for them. There are 3 more times available, please click here if your are able to bless the family with a meal.
Thanks for your incredible generosity over the last couple of weeks towards our Harvest Offering! Sunday's total brought this years giving to over $10,000! $1000 of that will go to help the Harbor get a kitchen going in downtown Detroit. We still have $3-4K left from last years offering too. We'll put together a game plan and let you know a timeline for the work to be done on the bathrooms. Can't wait!!
In our lobby you'll find a copy of the budget that your leadership team has prayerfully developed for 2019. You'll also find a letter from our conference superintendent which details the sale of a conference property that relieves us from nearly $40,000 in debt! We'll gather on Sunday December 16th after service for a short meeting to celebrate what God has been doing and seems to have in store for 2019.
Over the next 3 weeks we are working with up to 6 companies to try to get a better rate on our building insurance. Please pray for favor there, we hope to have new numbers on that by the 16th.
Looking forward to a great time of worship Sunday, excited to both share and hear some testimonies of what God is doing.
So excited for this years Harvest Offering and Family Fun day on Sunday the 18th! Here is a link to the page with videos about the Harvest Offering and Signups for our cornhole tournament and winter craft. Please check all these out in the coming weeks as you prayerfully consider what God may have you do this year.
Also, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We got our first snow, and our Christmas website is live. Check it out if you get a chance, and set some of the dates aside for events you'd like to be a part of.
Can't wait for worship tomorrow. If for some reason you're home bound, remember you can check us out live online from our website or Facebook live.

Dear Church Family,
God is continuing to move at WFMC! This last year has been pretty incredible. Here are a few highlights:
  • God has opened new doors to reach our community with the good news in Norwayne and throughout the area. We can’t wait to share some of the opportunities God has for us in 2019!
  • We’ve began streaming our Sunday services online. Over 50 people are watching live, and another 100-150 are watching the video after the service ends. More and more people each week are hearing the good news!
  • People are taking next steps at incredible rates. We had our highest increase in serving in many years, including 25 new people jumping in during one quarter of the year alone!
  • We currently have around 90 people involved in growth groups. Along with the high numbers, we’ve had all kinds of creative options for groups including Run for God, Game Day Groups, and more. People have been pursuing Jesus in community and lives are changing.
  • We also had over 100 people serve and impact Detroit by serving in dinner church. What an incredible experience that was!
  • Growth is also happening in children’s & youth ministry. We have over 40 children active in kids ministry and around 20 students active in youth group.
  • Dozens of new people have found a church home with us. People are not just finding a place to worship at WFMC, they are finding a family!! 
People are coming to Jesus, getting discipled, and getting baptized throughout the year. Maturing believers are taking their commitment to God and community to new levels. And the community and world around us are seeing the love of God through us as we live on mission.
The last 6 years around Thanksgiving we have taken up a special 1 time offering that has helped us improve our reach into the community as well as enhance our ability to minister on-site. Through these offerings we have created our first handicap accessible restroom, added a ramp to our gym, re-done our lobby floor, added monthly funds for benevolence, given to mission initiatives, fixed our sound system, created better access for the hearing impaired, and much more!
Last year we started a 3 stage plan to work on our lobby, bathrooms, and sanctuary. We also tithed (gave 10%) of last years offering to missions outside of WFMC. We got our lobby floor done and we’re in the process of finishing up signage and decorations. Thanks for making that happen! The floor is getting rave reviews!!! After all is said and done, we are estimating that we will have around $3,000 extra from last year to put towards phase 2, which is our bathrooms. To the right is our current men’s room, below is it the type of look we’d like to shoot for in both bathrooms.
Our bathrooms (aside from the family bathroom) get the lowest reviews out of anything in the facility. Our Conference Superintendent, after his last visit, spoke to the lack of appeal and functionality. They were completed in the early 70s and have not been addressed since (nearly 50 years!!)
Our goal is to transform them from a 1980s Jr. High locker room feel to a place that is inviting to guests and one that provides a better experience for our members too. Right now the average stall size is 5 inches or more less than today’s standards. That combined with the layout means that guys have to stand over the toilet just to get the door open and closed. It’s not much better in the women’s as the ladies report a high level of discomfort.
Our hope is to raise $10-15K and remodel both bathrooms. Our desire is to eliminate 1 stall from each bathroom to make the remaining stall(s) more spacious. (We are waiting on the city to tell us if this is ok.) We’d like to create drop ceilings with new lighting, new sinks, new mirrors, a space to nurse in the women’s, and more! We’d also like to once again tithe on this year’s amount to missions.
We believe these changes will enhance the experience for every member, as well as be much more inviting for guests. This will address our least attractive and least functional space. The strong feedback we’ve gotten from guests, members, and our conference has made this a definite priority. Looking forward to the chance to give this year and continue to enhance this ministry tool God has given us in our facility. Thanks in advance for your prayerful generosity! Onward & Upward!!

- Pastor Tyson & the WFMC Leadership Team
Kingdom Shifts (10-11-18)

Last Jan/Feb, our leadership team began looking at the question “What would it take to reach more people for Jesus who may not walk through our doors on a Sunday morning?” After praying and discerning for several months, we felt led to make several missional shifts in the coming year or so. Here are some of the things we came up with and are working on, in no particular order:  

  1. Simulcast our services and other events. Thanks to a generous donation, this is already happening. Currently 70-80 people have been joining us live, and 100-200 additional people a week are experiencing the good news about Jesus through these initiatives!
  2. Micro-sites. There are people in our community who may not go to a traditional church service, so we are looking to take the good news to them! We have a couple opportunities in the new year to start a unique church experience in our community. 
  3. Greater involvement in our schools. We’ve been providing recycling bags for Schwietzer Elementary for a couple years now, and Pastor Eric and I have been serving there on some of our days off. We also just completed an initiative with Merge Church where we provided much needed clothing at Hamilton Elementary. We are looking at taking these partnerships to a new level in the coming months.
  4. Back Yard BBQs. We are planning on empowering folks this year to connect in deeper ways with friends and neighbors. You’ll hear more about this exciting opportunity come spring.  
You’ll hear more about these initiatives and have a chance to get involved from the ground up in the coming months. We are also designing some space on Sunday November 25, to share about these topics.
Many of the things we are currently doing such as the Norwayne Cleanup Day, Life Remodeled, Tears, current missional support, will still. However, there may be some things that we choose to pass on because the financial and time investment will take away from focusing on the major things God is calling us to. One event that is affected right away is the Family Fall Festival (indoor trunk or treat). The funding towards this event will be reallocated to the new initiatives. FFF will be replace by a Fall Church Family Event.
As we shift our missional focus and add new outreach initiatives, we also want to find a better balance than we’ve had in past years with events for the church family to grow together relationally. This year on November 18th, we will be having a meal together after church, followed by 4 hours of fun including things like: crafts, kids games, a corn-hole tournament, bonfire, and much more. Events like this, as well as Pizza & Trivia, Super Bowl Party, Family Game Nights, and more will be sprinkled in each semester. Can’t wait to get more feedback as we offer additional opportunities to connect as a church family!
LOOKING BACK: Great kickoff to the fall!!! Attendance is the highest it’s been since Easter; we have 100-200 additional people a week engaging online; and over 80 people in Growth Groups. It’s not too late to join a group, learn more at groups.livesarechanging.com. Student and Children’s ministries are thriving and adding people to the team as well. We’ve also had students inviting friends and those friends finding a home at WFMC! In addition, an awesome team of volunteers resealed our parking lot.
COMING UP: This week we’ll be kicking off a new series that will carry us until Advent on the Beatitudes. In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus talks about things like blessings in mourning that lead to comfort, and blessings in being persecuted. We believe that as we dive deeper into these words of Jesus, He will show us some major keys to experiencing His blessings here on Earth. Can’t wait to see what God has in store!
Anchor (Student Ministries) runs Thursday nights from 7 - 8:30pm (doors open at 6:30). Oct. 20th they will be traveling to DeBuck’s Corn Maze. Cost is $15, they’ll be leaving at 5 and returning by 9pm.

November 18th is a big day!!! We will have our Annual Harvest Offering. This opportunity to give will enter us into phase 2 of a 3 phase plan to address the lobby, bathrooms, and sanctuary. You’ll hear more about this in a separate letter. We’ll also have a luncheon together followed by a ton of fun in the afternoon! 

There really isn’t enough space here to highlight all that God is doing in and through all of you. Lives are truly changing, and hopefully these updates give you a glimpse into what God is up to, and builds your expectation as God continues to direct our paths.
We have a lot going on this weekend!!! Our entire services will be streaming live over the internet for the first time ever! If you aren't able to join us, you can watch along at by clicking the "Watch Live" button at livesarechanging.com or by watching live on Facebook at facebook.com/westlandfmc. On Facebook you can click on the get reminder button for Sunday's service and you will be notified in your app when we go live. You can also share the video with your friends online, which is an awesome way to share the gospel!! Please pray that God's love will impact those who tune in.
Tomorrow is Country week in our Faith that Sounds Like series. We have TJ Thomas & Kentucky Strait leading worship and playing some other country tracks during our service. It's going to be a great time together, which will be followed by Papa John's pizza and trivia after church. You'll also get a glimpse into our incredible lineup of Fall Growth Groups.
If you're able to join us live, you'll notice we're missing something. Our parking lot is getting sealed today. The lines won't be there tomorrow, but will return in the next week. Thanks so much to our team led by Alan Clark. They have been getting the lot cleaned up for weeks and we are saving us 6-10 thousand by sealing it ourselves today!
Can't wait to worship tomorrow!

#REGROUP (9-10-18)
Fall is right around the corner. The temperatures are starting to change and soon the leaves will change colors. The change of seasons usually gets us thinking about things we could change in our own lives.
One of the things that is at the core of who we are as followers of God, is pursuing Jesus in community. The best way to do that at WFMC is through our Growth Groups. There you will find a place to belong, believe, and become who God has created you to be! Groups are the place where faith and community collide, and great things happen as a result.
We hope you’ll explore the 8 groups we have, and get connected this Fall! There are groups for all ages, life stages, and interests. You can stop by our group display table in the lobby or go to groups.livesarechanging.com for more information. The semester begins the week of Sept 30 - Oct 5, so there is still plenty of time to signup.
If you’re unsure, but want to learn more, join us at our 2nd Annual Pizza and Trivia. It’s Sunday, Sept 23rd at noon following worship. Come to enjoy some pizza, salad, and a round of trivia. You will also hear from our incredible growth group leaders as they preview this semester’s groups. A gluten-free option will be available. 

We also have some great partnership groups from Lifecare Christian Center. Every Tuesday evening from 7-8:30 PM they have a time of worship as well as 6 breakout groups with various studies. They also have their Stretch and Strength classes Monday nights at 6:30pm. This is a great opportunity to pursue getting fit this Fall! For more information visit lifecarechristiancenter.org
  • A team of 7 went from WFMC and 46 people overall went on this year’s WOMBAT ride. As a church we raised over $1000 overall at our luncheon for Haiti!!
  • Kids Quest Bibles for 1st graders - This past Sunday, our teachers handed out bibles to our new 1st graders. If your 1st grader did not receive a bible, please email info@livesarechanging.com with the name of the child.
  • Anchor had a great summer full of fun events!
  • People continue to find a home at WFMC and people of all ages are making commitments to Christ!
  • Baby Charlie is now home!!
COMING UP: This is week 2 our new series called: “Faith that Sounds Like.”   Music is one of the primary ways that people have experienced a deeper relationship with God since the beginning of time. Each genre of music offers unique    perspectives on life and faith. Each week of the series will feature a different music style and some great talent from our church and the surrounding area. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see what God has in store as we gather together to worship Him!
School is back in session, which means Anchor (Student Ministries) is back Thursday nights from 7 - 8pm (doors open at 6:30). Each evening features games, food, friends, and some time in   prayer and growing in faith. They are kicking things off with a series called “I Am.” The first Destination Unknown is Oct. 11 and on Oct. 20th they will be traveling to DeBuck’s Corn Maze. Cost is $15, they’ll be leaving at 5 and returning by 9pm.

We have a great opportunity to partner with Hamilton Elementary this fall. In the lobby you’ll see our giving tree which has items representing pants and socks to bless the kids there. We are partnering with Merge Community church to bless these students!

LifeRemodeled is taking place this year Oct. 1 - 6. They have made a four year commitment to improving the neighborhood surrounding Durfee K-8 and Central High School in Detroit. It’s going to be an incredible week of impacting our neighbors. We’ll leave Monday at approximately 8:30am returning by 5pm at the latest. Let Pastor Tyson know if you’d like to serve with us that day!

We are working at trying to finish off last year’s Harvest Offering projects. Final touches on our lobby floor are scheduled to take place in the next few weeks. We continue to get rave reviews on the floor! And, our signage team is in the final stages of placing new signage in the lobby. You will notice some sample signs, as we ensure the correct size, placement, and design before we hang the final product. Thank you to our signage team for all of their hard work. Can’t wait to see the continued fruit of your amazing generosity!
This weekend is our kickoff for fall group sign-ups! By the weekend our site at groups.livesarechanging.com will be updated with quite a number of WFMC and Partnership groups to plug into. There are so many amazing opportunities to pursue Jesus in community with the many wonderful people that make up our church family.
All kinds of other things are happening this fall too: Anchor is kicking off with a carnival day in September, Life Remodeled is happening in Detroit the first week of October, many kids are moving up from Pre-K/Nursery, Pizza and Trivia is back on Sep. 23, and much more. We'll also be kicking off a new series in September talking about how we connect with faith through music. Each week will feature a different music style and some great talent from our church and the surrounding area.
I'm going into surgery (multiple procedures on nasal septum, sinuses, etc) in a couple hours here and will be down for a couple weeks. If you need anything during that time, please contact Pastor Eric at eric@livesarechanging.com or Shari Doktor our Congregational Care Director at sdoktor@rocketmail.com. Looking forward to being back soon and breathing better! Please keep us in prayers during recovery.
Can't wait for all that God has in store for us this fall!!!

The Reel Deal (6-20-18)
Summer is officially upon us. We just finished up our series on the Lord’s Prayer, and it was so encouraging to see people better understand who they are as a child of God and be empowered to deepen their prayer lives.
This week we kick off our new series called: “Reel Messages.” So far this year, movies have grossed over $5.6 Billion at the box office. We believe that on top of the entertainment value, there are some great lessons for life and faith that we can find on film. This was one of your favorite series last year and we’re looking forward to having some fun together while growing in our faith. Thanks so much to Brandon Guenther for our series artwork!
We encourage you to invite a friend this summer as we look to find at some faith connections in the following movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (6/24, we’ll have pirates in the building and we’ll be firing a real cannon!), Beauty & the Beast (7/1), Greatest Showman (7/8), I Can Only Imagine (7/15), and Harry Potter (7/22). We’ll also have free popcorn (from the Detroit Popcorn Co.) and coffee every week. Every week will also involve a door prize and some unique elements related to the film. We can’t wait!!
  • So much has happened these last few months! We are one of 3 churches across the Southern MI Conference who where awarded a “Missional Church Award” at this year’s Annual Conference! So proud of all that each of you do to spread the love of God throughout Southern MI and to the ends of the earth! Your prayers, giving, and serving are making a tremendous impact! 
  • We had a great Spring serving at Dinner Church in Detroit. Around 100 of you came together to provide crafts for kids, meals or gift cards for fresh produce, or went to Detroit to serve families. Your generosity and hearts for Jesus made a big impact on Detroit and will be felt for quite some time!
  • After 12 weeks of training a group of 12 people from WFMC finished all completed a 5K at the Canton Liberty Fest! We’re proud of our “Run for God” team and looking forward to another team kicking off to run, jog, or walk this fall.
  • We had a strong spring and summer in Growith Groups with so many positive stories of what God is doing!
  • Pastor Eric and our children’s leaders implemented a new check-in system for our kid’s ministry. The new stickers have been much more comfortable for the children over the old clip name tags, and it should help us better track and stay connected with families as time goes on. We’re also continuing to tweak that area as well as other spaces to continue to make them feel more kid friendly.
  • Upward Soccer has had a strong season and so much positive growth has happened in these young soccer players and their families!
  • We partnered with the Tears Foundation and Merge Community Church to host a rummage sale in our gym that brought in over $2,000. This will help minister to an additional 4 families this year who experience the loss of a child or infant.
  • We welcomed Cindy Bemis, Charlie & Joan Hopkins, Bill Leininger, John Moore Jr. & Karie Daroczy to membership in the last couple months! We also celebrated with Justin Butler and Sue Shaw as they were baptized
 COMING UP: Here’s an overview of what the next couple of months hold:
School may be out, but Anchor (Student Ministries) has some fun events going, here’s a snapshot:
  • June 27 (W, 8:30am - 4pm): Serving in Detroit with the youth from our sister church in Hillsdale, MI
  • July 11 (W, 3:45pm - 10:30pm, cost $5): Somerset Beach trip. Bonfire, hayrides, games, music, and more!
  • July 26 (R, 6:30pm - 9:30pm): Backyard bonfire, game, and movie night at the Rose home!
  • August 16 (R, 10:30am - 4:30pm, cost $20): Red Oaks Waterpark trip!  
Reminder, those entering 6th grade are eligible to join the group for the summer fun!

Sunday, July 8, we will be joining other churches from around the conference to hold a baptism service at 4pm at Somerset Beach campground. If you’ve never experienced the camp, you should come out that day and check it out! If you’d like to learn more about getting baptized in the lake there, see Pastor Tyson for details. 

Sunday, July 29, after service we will be having Spaghetti to support our Wombat team. Each year riders take a couple hundred mile bike ride across MI to raise money for the Eye & Dental Clinic in Haiti. Join us for a great lunch and to support this great work!
Looking forward to an amazing summer!!

Probably the most recognizable prayer of all time is what we refer to as "The Lord's Prayer." Jesus taught these words to His followers not to give them words to methodically recite, but as a guide to revolutionize their prayer lives. Starting tomorrow, we are going to take several weeks and unpack these powerful words together trusting that God will doing something incredible in our lives as we deepen our prayer life! Can't wait!
We also have a lot coming up. Summer Growth group (Goliath Must Fall starting on May 31) is right around the corner as well as our summer Youth events. We are hosting a garage sale to benefit Tears on May 25/26 and our annual Norwayne Cleanup Day is Saturday June 9. We also have Run for God on the 16 of June. Also, Upward Soccer is in full swing, we encourage you to come out on a Saturday or Sunday and be a part of the action.
So thankful to follow Jesus alongside all of you. God bless!!

On Mission Together (3-14-18)
We’ve talked since Annual Conference last June about the 10/36 Vision that God has given the Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church. That vision is to see 10 new churches birthed in 36 months. God has been moving as we’ve sought to continue reaching people and making disciples together.
One of the locations God is most at work, is in redeeming and casting hope into the city of Detroit. Mark & Mary Cryderman, who we support as missionaries to Detroit, have seen 4 new sites birthed in the last year! We are eager to link arms and participate in greater ways in what God is doing. Here’s what the means for the next couple months:
Sunday 4.8.18. We will be gathering after worship to eat a meal together and to prepare some craft activities to minister to the children at the various sites.
Sunday 4.22.18 we will be receiving food to help out with meals at the sites. We will be providing 9x13 tins starting this Sunday at the Welcome Center. We are looking for those to be returned to us on the 22nd with 10 pans of lasagna, 5 pans of meatballs, and 5 pans of mashed potatoes. We are also looking for 5 desserts and 5 $15 gift cards to Randazzos (6701 N Newburgh Rd, Westland)
where they can get ingredients for salads. This will all be delivered to them on Monday the 23rd where they can store/freeze the food and bring it out to bless the various sites in the coming months!
We will then travel to the various sites to serve with the teams. There will be opportunities to pray, help with crafts, hold babies so overwhelmed moms can eat, and much more. Here are the dates for travel together in the white van:
Monday 3.26.18 Leaving WFMC around 4pm, returning around 7pm
Tuesday 4.17.18 Leaving WFMC at around 5:15pm, returning around 7:30pm
Wednesday 5.2.18 Leaving WFMC around 4:15pm, returning around 7pm
We look forward to what God has in store for the coming months as we serve together with our brothers and sisters from across Southern Michigan!!! Thanks to our Outreach Director Chris Miller for helping pull all this together!
  • We had a good turnout despite the weather for our Super Bowl Party. Congrats to Carole Cole on winning this years chili cook-off. Our first pizza & trivia Sunday was a hit as well. We had around 80 people show, got some great vision on our growth groups, and the Kopplebergers and Gloria pulled out a close victory in trivia.
  • We had a wonderful start to small groups. Great overall participation, and Pastor Eric and I are hearing stories every single week about some of the great things that are happening as people are pursuing Jesus in community.
  • We had several people attend the National Prayer Summit and Multiplication Conference. Both were inspiring and challenging times together. We look forward to how God will use those experiences in the coming months.
  • Many people took some great steps forward during our financial series on Sunday mornings.
COMING UP: From the beginning of time, God has made promises to His people. And to this day, not one of them has failed! The next several weeks we are going to journey together through the Old Testament book of Exodus. There, we will   explore some ancient promises, and talk about how we can see the promises of God unleashed in our own lives. You won't want to miss a week!!
Holy Week Schedule:
  • Journey to the Cross is an interactive prayer experience for all ages. It will be open Thursday, March 29, from Noon till 8 PM and Friday, March 30, from noon - 6 PM. The 6 stations will provide you with an interactive, multisensory opportunity to reflect on the last week in the life of Jesus, and a time of quiet in the midst of our busy lives. This journey begins in the church lobby. 
  • Good Friday Service Friday, March 30 @ 7 PM will be a silent and reflective time of scripture, drama, singing, and receiving of Holy Communion together. You don't want to miss this incredible service. 
  • Easter Flowers - decorate the church for easter to honor a loved one. Proceeds will go to support our missionaries the Van Tifflins. Lillis = $13; Tulips = $11. Place your order on the flyer in the bulletin and drop payment in the bulletin or drop boxes. Make checks out to WFMC; memo line "Spring Flowers"
  • Sunday Morning (4/1) we will celebrate with refreshments beginning at 9:30 and service at 10:30. There will be invite cards at the welcome center on Sunday 3/25 to invite someone who needs to hear the good news!
There are still spots open for Women’s Retreat (4/13-4/15), it’s going to be a refreshing getaway! Also, we are a host site for this years Blended & Blessed Conference on 4/21, click here to learn more. Anchor (Student Ministries, 6-12th grade) is growing and thriving, join us Thursdays nights. Also, stop by the nursery to check out the renovations, thanks to the Cole family for helping transform this area. So thankful for how God is moving and to get to be a part of it with all of you! - Pastor Tyson   

New Series This Weekend! (2-16-18)
We are starting a new series tomorrow on the "Keys to $uccess." God has tons of advice for us in His Word in terms of successfully navigating the area of our finances. I can't wait to see what He does as we explore some of these live changing insights together!!
We'll also be having a get together after service for people who want to explore membership at WFMC. It's a great opportunity to get to know more people and more about where we've been and where we are headed.
We are so excited to be together again this week after missing last Sunday due to what some people have called "snowmageddon." The monster storm actually caused damage to our toddler room. We will be shifting kids around a bit while we work on repairs, but will have a space for everyone.
I believe this is only our second Sunday we've missed in the last 6 years. When we miss a week it can be a challenge to catch up. If you are able to help us stay on mission, you can give any planned (for last week) or spontaneous gift by clicking here. Online you can give a gift through Paypal or our new ChurchTrac hub. ChurchTrac is not only saving us over $2000 a year, but we are also way happier with it than our previous software. There are some great giving options included like: debit/credit card gifts, direct withdrawal setup through bank accounts, and even giving through text messages! I've tried out the text to give option myself. It's pretty easy to setup and works really slick. So excited for these additional options that we have.

I don't know about you, but it's felt like it's been months since we last worship[ed together, I missed being with all of you! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Better Together! (2-1-18)
The Bible has a lot to say about growing and doing life together. Here are a couple of my favorite verses on the topic: Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” (Hebrews 10:24–25)
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)
It’s amazing the benefits that come from pursing Jesus in community. In community we are not alone but a part of something bigger, a family. In community our faith grows stronger as we pray for each other and explore the Word together. In community we learn to live beyond ourselves as we serve together and support one another.
This semester we have some incredible groups to connect into, put together by Pastor Eric and the team. The difficult part, is narrowing down what group to attend! There are also great options on Tuesday nights through LifeCare’s Transformational Groups, and their exercise classes on Monday nights. Both nights are at WFMC. You can explore more and signup at: groups.livesarechanging.com!
LOOKING BACK: God blessed 2017 like crazy. We saw highs in involvement in every age group of ministry, growth group participation, serving, and your generosity was overwhelming. We can’t wait to see what 2018 holds!!!
  • Christmas was wonderful. We enjoyed hanging out with all of you at the Pastor’s open house. Our Christmas Eve services were incredible. Robby did a wonderful job directing the play and the cast shined. Many people braved the weather to get to the evening service and it was a moving way to usher in Christmas.
  • In the last month, a church who was closing gave us a beautiful baby grand piano for pennies on the dollar. PTL!!!
  • Our new lobby floor is coming along. We’ve got some work to do yet in terms of repainting and the boarder, but it’s looking phenomenal. Thanks for your generosity which made it possible. Also thanks to Alan Clark who has coordinated the various aspects of the project.

COMING UP: This Sunday is Football Sunday. At 10:30 we’ll gather together and experience what God is doing in the lives of professional athletes like Carson Wentz, Matt Forte, and Demario Davis. Last year 3217 churches participated and over 15,000 people made first time commitments to Jesus Christ!
We’ll come back together around 6pm to gather for the big game. We’ll have the chili cook off, the bounce house setup for the kids, the game going in the sanctuary, games in the parlor, and more. It’s going to be a great time to be together whether you are wanting to watch the game with friends, or just hang out.
Upward Soccer is right around the corner. Last year we had over 40 kids participate and we are looking forward to a larger group this year. The league is for kids Pre-K through 6th grade and you can learn more at: upward.livesarechanging.com

Anchor (Student Ministries, 6-12th grade) Winter Jam (a Christian concert featuring Skillet, Kari Jobe, Building 429, with awesome speakers) is coming up Sunday February 11 at Little Caesars Arena at 6:00PM. We’ll be leaving the church at 3:30PM, and be back by 9:15. See a youth leader for more info.
Also, there are a couple world class conferences coming to our area through the SMC. The National Prayer Summit will be in Spring Arbor February 22-24. You can get more info and signup here. There is also a conference on multiplying leaders, churches, and ministry coming up in Detroit on March 8-9. You can get more info and signup here. Pastor Eric and I will be attending both of these, if you’d like to coordinate riding together drop one of us a note.
You’ll also be hearing more in the coming weeks about opportunities to serve together in Detroit with our sister churches. 2018 is just getting started, anticipating great things!
ED MCMURRAY said 3/4/2013 12:47:29 PM :
A Christian challenged an athiest, "If you don''t believe in God, why are you so concerned about what He does or doesn't do?"

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